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The Undeniable SCBF

When my work with the Soulful Chicago Book Fair started around a month ago, I was keen to see what kind of movement it was. Being a Chicago native and a writer, I believed in the mission and in the hard facts that the SCBF was a successful event in 2016, sporting a list of attendees 3,000+ people strong. It's safe to say, the spirit and determination that made that impressive first year has only grown stronger in 2017.

Though I didn't see the event last year, every author I've spoke to, every entertainer and organizer has given me a window into both the kind of spirit which made it possible for the event to happen and what makes it possible to continue. I've spoke to fashion designers, educators, veterans, and activists, each with their own motivations, and interests. Each with their own story of how they got involved with the fair, originally, but there was a common thread among them always. It was a belief in the

importance both of Black writers knowing one and other and a focus on bringing their narratives to Black readers and always, a faith in the quality and importance of their thoughts.

For a young, freelance writer, the wisdom and generosity each of these people showed me was inspired. In this month I've become familiar with the discipline of these writers and their dedication to the pursuit and dissemination of narratives often forgotten by society. From the importance of fostering creativity in Black people young and old to remembering the importance of the service of Black WWII veterans. At this point, I can say with full belief in my words that The Soulful Chicago Book Fair is undeniable as the talent, wisdom, and cleverness of people involved with it. Everyone should be so lucky as to participate in the continued success in this event on Sunday. Everyone who can go, should go.

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