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Soulful Chicago Book Fair Author Membership

You are not alone...

Soulful Chicago Book Fair opportunities for Black writers are expanding daily and we plan to share them with you! Our goal is to end the lonely journey of trying to promote your books by yourself while at the same time enhancing the Black literary marketplace, giving you greater visibility.  If we move as a collective, and your books become more visible from our work as an umbrella literary organization, then selling will be made easier for you.  From social media marketing to product placement, television interviews to SCBF exhibitions, we have designed a marketing kingdom for you to grow from.

What it means to be a  SCBF Author Member...

Author Membership.jpg

And now Soulful Chicago Book Distribution!

$100 Annually

  • Professional  Photos

       No more pictures in restaurants and bathrooms. As an author  you need at least one professional photo.  We'll make sure            you have it. 

  • Books sold by SCBF Distribution

       The people have been asking to buy your books from us and we are finally here to deliver!  People will be able to buy SCBF          Author Member books straight from our website! 

  • Discounts on SCBF events 

       A percentage will be taken off of your registration fee when you  sign up to exhibit in any of our book fairs

  • Featured in SCBF newsletter

       SCBF's monthly newsletter is seen by thousands of supporters.  Your presence in our newsletters will put you in                             front of the eyes of them all.

  • Social Media Marketing

       SCBF Author Members  will receive continual social media marketing in all of our digital circles, including Facebook,                      Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

  • Guest on Gathering of the Griots TV 

       The SCBF author interview platform has gone from radio to video!  SCBF author members will be showcased in a variety              of our video platforms, including Youtube, live streaming, and cable.

  • Presentations in schools and at special events

      Several schools have begun asking if the SCBF can provide them with culturally relevant book fairs and authors who can             present at Career Day activities. The SCBF will provide schools with  access to its members' books through book fairs,                   storytelling and "Meet the Author" events. Our author  members will exhibit and present at other culturally relevant venues,       such as last year's Black Woman's Expo

  • Exhibited in Cultural Institutions

      As in February of 2018, at the Harold Washington Library in downtown Chicago, SCBF Author Members will have                           opportunities to exhibit their works in libraries and other culturally relevant institutions.


  • Stage time at designated SCBF events 

       At SCBF events, author members will have an opportunity to take stage and talk to their audiences and promote                           their books. From there, patrons can be directed by you specifically to your exhibition space

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