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Support the Soulful Chicago Book Fair

The presence and purpose of the Soulful Chicago Book Fair must live! In light of the anti-literacy laws made specifically for Black people NOT to read here in America, we breathe literary life into the South Side of Chicago for our 5th year! Black book lovers and the community we serve, have always formed the finacial backbone of how we continue to exist. Shutting down the world only stopped us for a little while. We are resilient and will continue to create litrary opportunities where our children see themselves in books and the Black literary marketplace continues to thrive. Become one of our FISCAL FRIENDS and help forge this event waaaay into the future!


The value of re-igniting interest in literacy and literary arts in our communities is important now more than ever. The magnitude of the Soulful Chicago Book Fair's impact makes a higher tier of funding very welcomed. Organizational sponsorship brings in greater levels of funding and we need that too. For supporting our main event, sponsors can receive a tent, signage, weekly promotion, stage time at the main event and more!  If you are an individual or organization, you can support this event by making a donation today! Your tax-deductible donation gets remitted to:

The Soulful Book Fair Foundation

For our everyday individual supporters, we absolutely HAVE to keep in our FISCAL FRIENDS Fundraising Campaign! You all helped to build the 2016 - 2019  Soulful Chicago Book Fairs $20 or more at a time! We invite you to keep the flowin' goin'!

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