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What Makes the SCBF Possible

By design, The Soulful Chicago Book Fair relies heavily on the Chicago community. It began when a woman with a clipboard and the right venue gauged the interest in a Book Fair designed for Black authors located by and for the Black Community. She discovered that with just a clipboard, tens of people wanted to know more but more than that, wanted to see such an event happen.

Now the fair is in its second year and it wouldn't be possible without the support, interest, and the spirit of the Black Chicagoan community. When there was a need for funding, we were funded, when we needed authors, authors signed up, when we needed entertainment, it happened, and finally when we needed attendees with a passion for literature, y'all showed out and allowed this thing to continue.

But, one year of support doesn't make a successful second year so, not just once, but twice y'all have been generous with your support. On Monday I mentioned Dissemination Nation was in full swing. Our fearless leader, Asadah was out in full force getting the word out and look at what happened.

Chicago, once again, opened its arms and embraced this event. We put up posters and lawn signs and wrote features for the Soulful Chicago Book Fair. We cleared some time for our busy lives and said, this Sunday we'll be dedicating time to Black literature in the great tradition of our city. So who makes The Soulful Chicago Book Fair happen?

You do. By showing your support as you already have and continuing to do so. We hope to see you this Sunday to share in the continuation of Chicago's tradition of great literature.

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