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The Young Voices of the SCBF

The Soulful Chicago Book Fair is not your typical book fair. From tip to toe the SCBF has a deep dedication to amplifying the voices of a diverse group of Black people and that includes young people. This year we have some fantastic young people who will share their books at this year's fair!

These talented young people embody the essence of the fair. They show that is never too early to have a story and that every voice matters, young and old. This fair presents a unique venue where the voices of young people are welcome to spread their unique thoughts and perspectives.

These young people at the beginning of the amazing lives they will live sit in the center of why it is imperative that this fair goes on. With the event only a short way away more than ever we need your support. Be sure to come out to the fair on Sunday, and visit our fundraising campaign here.

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